Have you ever ran into an old friend you haven’t seen in a while and they looked like a totally different person? Did you wonder what they could have possibly done to lose 70lbs, what they did to look 10 years younger and how they are just bursting with energy at 2pm in the afternoon? Wouldn’t you want to know their secret?

Well that’s kind of how my FITness program came about. You see, I’ve been helping people transform their bodies and changing their lives for the past 11 years. Each year, each month, and each week I come across people who want to SEE and FEEL a difference. I hear about the constant struggle to lose weight and desire to shape up. And that’s how I came up with my very own revolutionary program to help people just like you achieve the results you’ve been wanting for so long in the least amount of time. Here at AKSFITNESS, I chronicle the changes each month, every step of your transformation, from fat to FIT. And that is why I am so proud to call myself a “physique artist” and not just a personal trainer. Like I always say, “to LOOK the best, got to TRAIN with the BEST”!

Choose AKSFITNESS to look better, feel better, BE better!

My program will help increase your current level of FITness, and by doing so, significantly improve your health, and lower your risk of diabetes and heart disease. Did you know that being overweight and obese has just surpassed smoking as the leading cause of heart attacks in the US? Let’s change our minds and change our bodies. Let me transform you. Join AKSFITNESS now and CHANGE YOUR LIFE with us.

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